Article I. Name


This organization shall be known as the Rio Grande Valley Arc User Group (RGVAUG).


Article II. Objectives and Scope


The RGVAUG is a service oriented organization whose goal is to bring together users at any level in public, private and educational sectors who are interested in geo-technology. This group will facilitate open dialogue, public awareness, educational resources (but not limited to training), data sharing, professional growth and representation to assist its membership in their everyday jobs.


Article III. Membership


Section I. Members


Membership is open to any person, interested in geo-technology. Active membership status shall be maintained by attending at a minimum two (2) regularly scheduled meeting per calendar year, as defined in the bylaws. Also must participate on events hosted by RGVAUG throughout the year.


Section II. Membership Rights


All active members have the right to vote, hold office and participate in all RGVAUG sponsored activities.


Section III. Misuse of Affiliation


Any member who makes use of his/her affiliation with SCAUG and/or RGVAUG in a manner considered improper by the Executive Committee may be suspended by the Executive Committee in accordance with procedures established in the Bylaws (should adhere to the code of ethics as specified in the Bylaws).


Article IV. Governing Body


Section I. Executive Committee


The Executive Committee shall consist of three (3) elected members, one (1) appointed member, and the Past President as defined in the bylaws all with voting rights. The elected officers are: President, Vice President and Secretary. The appointed officer shall be the Treasurer. If, in the event the Past President cannot participate, Executive Committee shall appoint a Past President to server for the remainder of the term.

Elected officers will serve a term of two (2) years. Elections for all officers shall be held as specified in Section 11 of the bylaws. In the event an elected member of the Executive Committee resigns or is unable to fulfill duties before the end of the elected term, the Executive Committee shall appoint a new member to serve on the Governing Body. This newly appointed member will serve for the remainder of the term. In the event more than one member resigns or is unable to fulfill duties before the end of the elected term, elections will be held in accordance with procedures established in the bylaws.


Elected Officers may be removed from the office by a majority vote of the regular members present at a called or quarterly meeting (see Article V) if evidence is present that the best interests of the Organization are not being served.


Section II. Responsibilities of the Executive Committee


The Executive Committee’s general responsibilities shall be to coordinate and manage the functions and activities of the RGVAUG as referenced in the Bylaws.


Article V.  Meetings


Section I. Quarterly Meetings


There shall be quarterly meetings during the year with locations to be arranged by the Executive Committee. All members shall be notified at least 48 hours prior to quarterly meetings. Sub-committee meetings may be scheduled by a committee head with notification to the Executive Committee with at least 48 hours advance notice.


Article VI. Changes in the Charter


The Board shall supplement the Charter by the adoption of Bylaws governing matters not expressly detailed in the Charter and not conflicting therewith. Changes in the Bylaws may be made with a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee favoring the change, provided thirty day notice of any proposed changes to the Bylaws have been brought forth at a regularly scheduled meeting as new business.